Congress Theme

The IFPRA2005 Asia Pacific Congress will be the platform to share thoughts and ideas, research and findings in "Creating A Lifestyle"

Congress Theme: "Creating A Lifestyle"

Stepping into the new millennium marks the start of a new lifestyle where Human, Technology & Innovation co-exist and live in symbiosis. In our daily lives, we can all do more to reduce our use of the planet's resources and the damage we do to our environment. It has often been said that we should do so for the sake of our children and grandchildren to ensure they live in the same quality lifestyle that we enjoy today. Creating a brand new lifestyle which is friendly to the environment requires long term research and education to the general public.

Sub-Themes :

1. Utilizing Resources
The Natural Resources Element is dedicated to landscape encompassing the natural features. It serves to outline goals and objectives for the effective protection, preservation, conservation and utilization of the natural environment for the future benefit of mankind.

2. Community Participation
Community participation presents a platform for the discussion on the importance and opportunities for people to participate in decisions affecting their community and improvement of their quality of life.

3. Recreation and Tourism
Tourism and recreation related development is one of the major factors shaping development patterns in this region. It embraces the full range of tourism, leisure, and recreationally oriented activities. These include tourism development and the infrastructure supporting the development. Also included is ecotourism and recreational activities.

The discussion topics will cover amongst others :
- planning and management
- efforts at attaining healthy ecosystems
- restoration programs
- management of security
- special management challenges posed by ecotourism activities.

4. Best Practices in Management Administration
The methodology and skills to minimize potential impacts to the environment through effective management and administration of parks and natural resources.


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