IFPRA-International Federation of Park and Recreation Administration
IFPRA is a non profit making organisation with headquarters in the United Kingdom. It maintains contacts throughout the world with national professional bodies representing parks, recreation, amenity, cultural, leisure and related services. IFPRA was established in London during 1957 at the time of the first International Congress in Parks and Recreation.

Aims and Objectives.The Federation's main Aims and Objectives include: the advancement of parks, recreation, cultural and leisure services through representation and the dissemination of information, the adoption of internationally acceptable training and qualification standards, the promotion of relevant research, the establishment of national recreation and park associations, the promotion of the conservation ethic and the reduction of pollution, the encouragement of efficient use of resources, the organisation of international congresses and meetings, the publication of a bulletin, the international exchange of students and professionals, the establishment of regional sectors where appropriate.

Management.Management of the Federation is vested in a governing Commission which is elected by the General Assembly (all members of the Federation) at the time of each World Congress. The Commission is composed of the elected officers (President, President Elect and Past President), the Chair of each Regional Sector and one appointed representative from each member nation. The day to day business of the Federation is handled by an Executive Committee and the General Secretary.

IFPRA2005 Asia Pacific Congress

Malaysia proud to be selected as the Host of IFPRA2005 Asia Pacific Congress which will commence from 28 August - 3 September 2005. More than 500 delegates will be participating in the congress with the theme "Creating a Lifestyle".


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